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Customized Power Monitoring Solutions

Mehta Tech, Inc. has designed, manufactured, and delivered Digital Fault and Disturbance Recorder systems and software for 40 years. Our worldwide installations serve both utility and industrial customers.

Since the beginning, our driving principle has been to combine the knowledge of traditional utility engineering practices and application requirements with innovative microprocessor-based technologies to develop products and solutions to exceed industry expectations. The need for reliable data and dependable information, additional computing, new communication schemes, and ever-changing standards will be an ongoing challenge. We are prepared to meet these challenges with the latest technologies available.

Disturbance Monitoring Since 1983

Today, Mehta Tech continues to be an innovation-driven manufacturer of multifunction DFR/PMU products. The wide range of input variations, configurability, and upgradability of our DFR/PMUs make them industry-leading offerings. By leveraging this concept, Mehta Tech Solutions provide the most extended lifetime of any currently marketed DFR product in the country, resulting in one of the Utility Industry's lowest costs of lifetime use (ownership).

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