Who We Are

Established and headquartered in Eldridge, IA, USA, in 1983, Mehta Tech is a group of talented design engineers, manufacturing, software, and application personnel supporting our business. Key Mehta Tech personnel are active as presenters and committee members that collaborate in developing standards and organizing industry conferences. A short sample of the organizations our team participates in are NASPI, including the NASPI Performance Requirements, Standards & Verification Task Team (PRSVTT), IEEE PSRC Working Groups TRUC (Transient Recorder Users Council), and the OMAC (Organization of Machine Automation and Control).

Committed to R&D

We invest heavily in new designs; one-third of our staff participates in product development. Mehta Tech, Inc. has the experience, staff, and technology to meet our customers' technical and commercial requirements for Integrated Digital Fault Recorders (DFR), Dynamic Disturbance Recorders (DDR), and Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) on a timely basis. 

In-House Production

Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your fault/disturbance monitoring equipment is designed, built, and installed to reliably bring you the data you need to make critical decisions. 

Meticulous Quality Control

At Mehta Tech, quality is not just a word it is our commitment. Mehta Tech customers depend on us to provide "Utility-Grade" equipment that meets their exacting standards. Every system is thoroughly tested to ensure proper configuration and operation prior to being prepared for shipping.

Our customer support includes proposal generation, project engineering, application support, installation/start-up assistance, and customer training. Once commissioned, our technical support staff is available by telephone and e-mail to ensure your recording system delivers the needed data.

Why Choose Mehta Tech

  • Experience: With over 1,700 installations in 10 countries, Mehta Tech is uniquely positioned to leverage that experience base to provide outstanding customer support and services from various perspectives.
  • Customer Commitment and Support: Exceptional technical support & customer service.
  • Reliability: “Utility Grade” ruggedized designs are built and tested to last.
  • Versatile Architecture: Mehta Tech develops and maintains configurable and versatile designs to create a multitude of customer and site specific implementations.
  • Permanence: Ownership of the hardware, software and architecture IP allows installed systems to be upgraded resulting in the lowest lifetime cost within the industry.
  • U.S. Based Design, Manufacturing: Pre-configured, calibrated, and tested systems lower installation and long term support costs.

Made in the USA

Mehta Tech Solutions are proudly Designed, Engineered and MADE IN THE USA. 

208 N. 12th Ave. Eldridge, IA, 52748  USA
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