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Mehta Tech is an innovation leader awarded over 15 US Patents for our proprietary technologies. We pioneered the concept of the conventional DFR evolving into a multifunction device to collect and deliver data while providing calculation results for various O&M, automation, and visualization applications.

Over the years, Mehta Tech's modular design has enabled easy, cost-effective upgrades to incorporate the latest advances in hardware and software. Our digital fault recorders have demonstrated the highest levels of reliability. 

Our system designs exceed the NERC PRC-002 Fault and Disturbance Monitoring Equipment requirements. Mehta Tech systems can be configured to comply with the IEEE C37.118 standard for continuous recording and phasor streaming.  


Our multifunction DFR/PMU products support local storage of high-speed recordings initiated by trigger detection, slower-speed continuous recording, and phasor data streaming. Using versatile facilities to select parameters allows our users to configure the installation to meet site and application requirements by combining the following functions: DFR/SOE Digital Fault and Event Recorder, DDR Dynamic Disturbance Recorder, DME Disturbance Monitoring Equipment, PMU Phasor Measurement Units.

Flexibility: Mehta Tech develops and maintains configurable and adaptable designs to create customer and site-specific implementations.

Upgradeability: Ownership of the hardware, software, and architecture IP allows installed systems to be upgraded, resulting in the lowest lifetime cost within the industry.  

Reliability: “Utility Grade” ruggedized designs are built and tested to last. 

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