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Mehta Tech's products monitor disturbances in various facilities: 500kV transmission substations down to 69kV distribution substations, nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydroelectric generating plants, sub-stations with connections to wind farms, renewable generating facilities, Petrochemical, and Silicon Fab plants. 

With over 1,700 large-scale DFR installations monitoring our customers' critical sites, customer support is essential to our activities.

Our customers include large and small investor-owned utilities, public power companies, REAs, industrial facilities, municipal and cooperative electric utilities. Our business relations with many of these organizations are long-term customers, spanning over forty years.

From Large

To Small

Our customers trust Mehta Tech's capability to provide the following functions securely, accurately, reliably, and steadfastly, creating worry-free, long-life solutions supported throughout the years. Incorporating modular construction makes upgrading for more advanced applications easy to do in the field or our factory.

• Multifunction DFR/PMU Capabilities
• Capacity and Configurability
• Time Synchronization
• Trigger-initiated Fault Recording (DFR)
• Continuous Local Storage (DDR)
• Phasor Data Streaming (PMU)
• COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111-1999 & 2013) and IEEE File Naming Convention (IEEE C37.232-2011)
• Data for NERC PRC-002 (DME) Requirements
• PMU Functionality  

Our business relations with many of these organizations span forty years.

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