Master Station Software

TRANSCAN Master Station Software is the user interface that provides customizable system configurations, data communication, SOE Reporting, record format & file conversions, COMTRADE data formatting, and the display and analysis of system behavior.  

Easy-to-use master station software is provided to help the user set up the recorder, retrieve records, view and analyze the data. This software is available for the Windows environment. The basic program functions include the following:
• Configuration and Calibration
• Graphical Display and Printing
• Communications between Microprocessor based equipment and local or remote master station computer. 


This software unlocks the power of the recorder by allowing users to configure independent recorder functions and triggers within each recorder. TRANSCAN recording parameters may be modified by software, either from a local computer or remotely from the Master Station.

Trigger types and levels may be independently set for each channel.

The communication software developed by Mehta Tech allows the user to communicate between a local computer, remote master station and the DFR in the substation, via the IPCU 2. 

Data can include analog values, calculated values, and digital input status.
Data files also include station name, record number, date and time.

After retrieval of stored data, the graphical display program is an invaluable tool in analyzing system disturbances. This software allows eleven user-definable display formats which can be saved for each DFR. The display and analysis software is also the launching point for the various analysis tools.

Mehta Tech has developed a number of optional software tools to help the user to analyze records. These include the following: 

Calculate symmetrical components (Negative, Zero, and Positive Sequences)
Calculate deviation from base frequency
Calculate total harmonics (up to 48th)
Calculate amplitude values of currents and voltages
Calculate real and reactive power
Calculate phase angle
Calculate apparent line impedance
Calculate distance to fault
Conversion to COMTRADE 1999 or 2013 format

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